Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Way Inside

I am a pull of gravity and I pressed to the ground could not move not even when I commanded my legs to lift me from the ground defy gravity defy it. I was lain there all broken and shabby my knees snapped beneath my curl of bottom and broken ankles. Help me with my glasses smashed and the glass and the frames just out of reach.

I am tongue tied idiot when she walks by me past the school steps and into the corridor where she makes her way to her class and I follow her. So say the teachers who ward me off her like her mum does until I am taken to a new school and a new girl who I like the same. The headmaster says I must stop and I say to him I will even though I don’t.

My mum is like lowercase and my dad is like uppercase but they are both of the same font family maybe my mum in italics and my dad underlined. I stamp them out on the screen and I stamp them out through the printer where I get them to say all their things over and over again. When they’re not looking I switch on the colour and mix them between themselves sometimes uppercase sometimes lowercase.

In the telephone box I looked out of one of the small windows just in time to see his face pressed against the window with the swearing and shouting. I mean I was talking on the phone and so couldn’t hear nothing what was being said I stuck my head out and fucking hell they dragged me out and I got some and all. When the police came I said it was his fault as I pointed at the guy who with his broken nose and teeth looked like he was more trouble than me.

I was with my sister and her pitter patter and we were travelling down the pavement in the buggy shopping trolley when we realised we had left the baby at home. Not really. We walked past them to pretend that the baby in the blanket was just a bunch of blankets and it was a good job they didn’t decide to set fire to the blankets or anything else like it.

I am and I wanked all over the place until I was empty my sac and nothing left to give. Spilled myself on magazine pages and over the keyboard pubic hairs all over the keyboard until I soaked it up with tissue paper and dried. I was stiff and tight and snapped back in when the doorbell rang and I was scared but hoped it might be her so I could come over her tits and come inside her arse all the way inside.


Blogger Shannon Forbush said...

Um, I like it? A believable voice of a disturbed youth, the graphic snapshots of his life without shrinking or shirking. Having said that, the mum and dad font analogy felt a little out of place to me - too intelligent? I like them as lowercase and uppercase, just not sure about specifying font. Of course, that could just be me.

8:44 AM  
Blogger {Minion} said...

gosh, not sure of the age of the stalker? it amused me (in a sick way) to think of the first few paragraphs as a middle aged man...
'until I am taken to a new school and a new girl ' kinda put it back on track though.
would like to say it reminds me of my school days, but it doesn't, and I wouldn't actually want it to.
Though there are hints of it in there...

fun to read anyway.

7:50 AM  

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