Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Curds versus Whey

Dear Bobby

Here is a cheese. It is a stinker and roll down hills nicely. When I rub it on my feet the smells cancel each other out so that both my stinky feet and this stinky cheese are odourless. No smell at all and that is a good thing, believe me. My feet stink, yes. But not as much as my nob. Or is it knob? I rub cheese on my nob - in fact, I fuck the cheese - and the cheese stink cannot even begin to compete with the nob stink. The nob stink win. It contaminates the cheese and fills it with disease and bigger stink. But still, my customers cannot tell. The stinkier the better they say. And only two of them have died.

I hope you enjoy cheese. Maybe you could fuck it too. Fuck it good.


Tango Inparis
Cheese Bangs & Bungs Ltd


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