Thursday, May 01, 2008

Net Result: Swagger

Flexibility is the key here. You need to bend, bend, bend.

We were speaking, earnestly, about the newer modes of style. We indicated, without explicitly stating, our uncomfortableness in the face of these latest onslaughts. All shiny and new, praised for their newness. Not like the old days. Not like the old days at all.

We could see, both of us, through the tops of the olive stabbers rising from our glasses of Vermouth, perfect visions of the city. Perfect versions of the city.

We were speaking about the need to accommodate, the aforementioned need to bend, and how it is a requirement. Without it, that accomodation, you could well find yourself on your knees in an alley somewhere, no more backward glances allowed.

The morning crept in. It rose, the sun, far over there, climbing out from behind the skyline, those silhouettes of skyscrapers one by one. It rose and smiled, the sun, blessed our golden flakes, kissed our bare ankles and gently warmed the creases in our sheets. And behind thin closed eyelids, the certain movement of balls.

Flexibility is definitely the key here. We were bending and flitting all over the apartment. In one room, the sun. And empty bottles of vermouth.


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