Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Why Not Take Flight?

From the ships to the stars, not afraid. We looked down, back at what he had left behind, and saw the blobs of the giant eggs. We had escaped just in time. Not so lucky, however, our family and friends. And the rest of the people we didn’t know on our now almost dead planet.

This producer of giant eggs was either a giant bird or a giant insect. We could not be certain. Wings it had and some kind of plastic type beak. Its wings flapped and blew us over, the trees down, the cities down, the waves up. In a matter of minutes: utter destruction. And all in the blackness caused by this flying thing’s giant shadow. No wonder we took to the stars.

Our luck had ensured that at the moment of the first flap, we – my wife and I – were polishing the instruments in the cockpit of the starship vessel. Another few minutes either way and we could have been mopping floors or scrubbing toilets on a different deck. At the first flap we were pulled into our seats and readied for take off. By the fifth flap we were cutting a streak through the sky, ready to populate planets.


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